Thursday, September 17, 2015


( if anyone is following this blog)

Often I think to put something here, thinking it is in danger of being 'lost,' and then do not.

I have come to think my standards too stringent.  

It occurs to me that it may be useful as a mirror of many things that I read.  I am of course reminded that as a child I was horrified by what became of the library at Alexandria, and so, as I grew, amassed quite a personal library, notable for its breadth as well as depth; this comes to mind because, while the central libraries, open to the public, yet remain, most of my personal holdings perished in a house fire.  So  must say this endeavor is useful only assuming that there is never a future difficulty with the hosting platform.  (Note to self....)

I will, however, endeavor to always include a non-breakable URL link to whatever links I post.

Thank you.  Leave a comment: surprise me.

Be seeing you.