Sunday, March 29, 2015

Faust's Template For Posts Here At Minus 102 (updated)

The Memory Hole By Tepco by a female faust

To make this easier (these posts are actually rather complicated!) I made a template for myself.

Then I realized I was rather proud of it, and put it up at Pastebin.

If you want to use it, save it as stationary: and if you want to use it, I'm thrilled, but only if I know about it, so be sure and drop me a line (@femalefaust at twitter, same name at gmail with a 'dot' between) or leave a comment below.

Rather than go on about the experience, which was unexpectedly notable, I will just say: 
Be seeing you.

Update:  fixed a broken tag.  sigh. 
also added note: to use for a blogging system like Blogger, select between the "<body>" tags, as indicated (now) in the source.

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